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"What Can Be Done… When Doom Is Nigh?"


My allies, my friends, my brothers, my sisters! Man the walls, hold the gate, aim the trebuchet and ballista!

Sound the bell towers, go to the battlements, mount the horses! Ready your arrows, draw your swords, prepare your spears, raise your shields!

Do not give in to your fear, control your rage, find your courage! For today, the enemy has come! Today, doom stands at our front door!

Yet, will we allow our front door to be forced ajar? Will we let our foe destroy all that we, our ancient ancestors, have accomplished and hold dearly here?

Will we submit to defeat today? Will everything we've done die by the time that sun sets in the western horizon? Or will we, everything around us, endure like the many terrible times before our own?

Are we truly doomed here within these walls… or is it they, waiting outside to spill our blood, who will be put to an end?

For hundreds of years, we, as a people, have been scorned by everyone and everything! For too many centuries, until now, have we not had a place in this world to call our own! Where we belong!

Finally, we have everything that we need. Finally, we, you and I and every one of us gathered here to face the storm, have a home! A life! Now that is to be taken away from us?

No. I think not. As do all of you. Why would I see so many souls rally to my call when needed then?

There has been much thought, much prediction, that this is the end. To that, I say that's nonsense. Am I not living proof that the impossible is possible? Do I not show you that there is hope left?

Throughout their trials, our forefathers before us were blessed. They conquered everything that looked to conquer them, including the bloody fights like this one coming for us!

As their children, we are no different than those before us. We have their luck! We have their fortune! We have their power! This war that is approaching, this siege that will shake us, will not best us!

I look upon all of you and see uncertainty. Do not be ashamed to be for I'm the same. I do not have the answers to what will happen to us in the coming days.

We will question our god. We will question our morals. We will think about the darkest things.

However, I believe our trials will not be anywhere near as terrible as to what will happen to those looking to invade us! Despite the odds, we will make them cower! We will make them weep! We will make them run from this place to the farthest realms, never looking back!

We are strong, my friends! I know so because I am one of you! Together, our light will shine the brightness against their darkness! Together, we will find victory and make our ancestors proud!

Soldiers of the oppressed people, my brothers and sisters, join me today with good faith as we fight, live, and win this impossible fight! Join me in proving everything said against us wrong! Join me!

The gate is being breached! Very well, let them come with their vicious drums beating, horns blaring, and troops screaming!

Remember who you are my fellows! Remember those that need you and that I stand fearless alongside you! Remember, when that sun sets, we will have pleased our forefathers this day!

Stand! Stand and fight!


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August Cousineau
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Writer. Artist. Creative. Enough said. Seriously, don't get me started. I'll take up your entire day and night explaining myself. :P

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